Mauro is an integral part of our team. He's so much more than an editor for us.
Don't get me wrong, he is technically excellent. His attention to detail is second to none, his creativity gives us an edge, and he is always there for you to get work done on time. But more than that he has become an advocate and a custodian for our brand.
He doesn't just produce our podcast, he consumes it and gives us excellent feedback to continue to make it better. If you're reading this because you're sussing out producers, don't waste any more time. You've found the guy.

PS. I'm actually hesitating hitting publish right now, because selfishly I want to ensure we always have timely access to the highest quality talent. If that's not a signal for you, I don't know what is.

Terry Condon

Co-Founder at The Cashflow Co.



Ten years ago, I started my freelancing online experience, following a dream and a strong passion for audio, music, and multimedia. 

With the constant growth of my business and the expansions of my skillset in the creative industry,

I felt the necessity to put aside the individual and start to think bigger.

This feeling gave birth to Kenji Productions. 


My company aims to merge creativity and technology, offering high-quality and major industry-level services, up to date with everyday advancements in the digital realm, tailored to each and every entity we work with.

With expertise and knowledge about immersive technologies and the Metaverse, we provide ad-hoc services to Web 3.0 too, considering and pushing the new standards of this next Digital Experience iteration.  


Mauro "Kenji" Serra

Mauro Kenji Productions