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With more than a decade of experience, Kenji Productions, founded and led by Mauro Serra,

is your gateway to unparalleled audio and multimedia excellence. Not only an elite quality in the product,

but also a professional relationship and project management.


Our expertise spans a variety of audio, video and animation/graphic tasks:

Podcasts & Video-cast Production • VO and Dialogue Recording and Editing • Music Production and Composition

Audio Post-Production: Mixing & Mastering • Spatial and 3D Audio for Immersive Multimedia • Surround and Dolby Atmos  

Audio Repair, Restoration & Enhancement • Foley & Sound Effects Design • Video Editing & Post-Production


Versatile Services For Every Product:

Music (studio and live recorded) • Podcasts, Audiobooks • Film, Video, Animation • Merch, Applications • Video Games


Get in touch for any question, request, info or to discover more!

Your vision becomes our project.

Mauro Serra - KenjiProducer - Freelancer_edited.jpg

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