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Mauro designed an amazing set of sounds for our app. It was inspiring to work with Mauro and witness the process of sound designing, as he translated our requirements into beautiful appropriate sounds. All designed from scratch!

Mauro is one of the best freelancers I’ve worked with. He is eager to go the extra mile by tweaking the sounds until we were 100% satisfied. His deliverables are definitely going to increase our app’s user experience. I definitely recommend Mauro to anyone looking for a professional audio designer!

Tim Riegman, Senior Product Owner at CLB bv

  • Voice
    ​​With experience across 50+ podcasts shows and a multitude of different vocal projects, our voice services deliver professional across applications, from podcasts to advertising, videogame, education and cinema. From initial recording through post-production and publishing - taking your vocal-centric projects from concept to completion. Full Podcast production Creation/Advise of Host and Distribution system Publication on all streaming platform Voice/Dialogue and ADR Recording (studio and set/field [Boom operator]), Editing and Creative design for film and videogames Audiobook Creation and Voiceover Recording. Audible & Spotify Publishing Voice Enhancement (interviews, wind/noise, buzz, damaged reverb/echo)​
  • Audio
    Our production and post-production services will refine your audio, engaging on its edit, tuning, mixing and mastering. Let our technical know-how take your audio from raw to major standards. We can help to bring your project alive, helping you define, create and elevate your idea to professional results. Pre-production to start and craft and your project - from concept to concrete structure. Audio Sonic ID for your brand (sound logo, UX, phone system) Sound Design Post-production for Music, Voiceover, Sound Effects any audio recording: Editing, Mixing, Mastering. Audio Setup guidance and Troubleshooting Audio Conversion to any format Full Sound Restoration of old and damanged recordings
  • Music
    Blending technical expertise and creative passion, we produce original customized music assets: from instrumental scores to beats, podcast themes, trailers music, merch, apps and music+vocal projects. Our productiong will bring your visions to life, respecting your ideas and guiding you towards professional results. Composition and Pre-Production Music Production Music Recording Beatmaking Vocal Production MIDI Programming Creative Direction Original themes for films/trailer/podcasts Remixing Music mix sets and alternative edits (extended, short, speed, explicit-to-clean) Pro Tools, Nuendo and Cubase, Wavelabs, Reaper, Logic, FL Studio, Ableton, DP, Garageband, AdobeAudition & Audacity Music Distribution & Publishing
  • Immersive Sound
    Innovative Spatial and 3D Audio operations to fully craft immersive sonic environments, explanding and augmenting your stories. Our technical mastery and creative vision will help you to transport listeners into new worlds. Let us design expansive audioscapes and spatialized sonics to elevate your audience experience. 3D Spatial Audio Ambisonics Dolby Atmos 360 Audio/Video Immersive Sound for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Audio implementation for interactive projects with Unity, Unreal, FMOD and Wwise. Mono/Stereo to 3D & Spatialisation Immersive Sound Design
  • Visual
    Our video services bring projects to life, from conceptual sketch to post-production, creafting your product for any online platform. Trust our creative vision and technical skills for editing, motion design, branding, and online content creation. Create new content for your feeds and community. Video Editing and Production Video Conversion to any format Video Restoration Graphic Design Logo design Online/Social Media Content Creation (Banner, Graphics, GIFs, Reel, Posts) Brand Advice Video Captions & Subtitles Creation

A selected and diverse list of projects from our portfolio

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